Our journey

And the journey continues ...

“Life is definitely too
short to eat bad food”

Bernadette Woods
Creative Director & Founder

Bernadette Woods is one of Tasmania's finest chefs and most respected hospitality leaders

From the rugged Northern Headlands of County Donegal, in Ireland, to the sun-soaked beaches of Noosa,
Bernadette had already forged a reputation in the hospitality industry when she arrived in Tasmania to take up
the role of general manager at Cradle Mountain Village in the late 1980s.

The youngest GM ever appointed by P&O Australia, Bernadette soon justified the company’s faith in her.
When she arrived Cradle Mountain Village consisted of 10 cabins. By the time she left there were 75.

From there, Bernadette headed to Strahan to develop Strahan Village and run the historic Franklin Manor.

The challenge of establishing The Elizabeth Street Pier then brought her to Hobart, where she eventually opened her
own restaurant, Catch, and launched the catering and theming business BW Events.

After selling Catch, Bernadette and her husband Mark Escott were searching for a new challenge and
embarked on an ambitious venture to turn their 6.5 hectare property at Taroona into a unique private
function venue, Glen Albyn Estate.

As if life wasn’t busy enough, three years ago Bernadette and Mark added Seagrass Long Point
(formerly Prossers on the Beach) in Sandy Bay to their burgeoning business interests.

What you will discover that Bernadette’s success has been based not just on talent, hard work
and business acumen, but also on an irresistible and contagious generosity of spirit and zest for fun
(or craic, as they say in her homeland).