Terms & Conditions

BW Events Hire Terms & Conditions

All quotations are valid for 30 days from the date of issue. Acceptance of the quotation is subject to payment of a 20% deposit.
–  A non- refundable 20% deposit is required to secure a quote. Upon payment of the deposit the Customer will have been deemed to have accepted the Term & Conditions of Hire
–  20% deposit is required within 7 days of invoice being issued. Beyond this date the hire equipment will no longer be reserved.
Any cancellation of an order will incur a 20% cancellation fee of the full contract price
Cancellation fees are as follows:
(i)  If the booking is cancelled more than 12 weeks prior to the event date the hirer will be liable for a 20% cancellation fee
(ii)  if the booking is cancelled between 4 – 12 weeks before the event date the hirer will be liable for a 30% cancellation fee
(iii) if the booking is cancelled between 2 – 4 weeks before the event date the hirer will be liable for a 50% cancellation fee
(iv) if the booking is cancelled between 1 – 2 weeks before the event date the hirer will be liable for a 75% cancellation fee
(v) if the booking is cancelled with under 1 weeks notice the hirer will be liable for a 100% cancellation fee
At the discretion of the Company the deposit may be transferred to another event within 6 months of the original function date. No variation of an order will result in the reduction of the contract price by more than 10% unless previously arranged with the Company. Where the Customer seeks to vary an order so that the original contract price would reduce by more than 10%, the Customer agrees to pay 90% of the original contract price regardless of the variation requested.
–  Full payment is required 7 days prior to delivery
–  If the Company deems it necessary for the Customer to provide credit card details for security the Customer agrees this card can be charged for any missing/broken or dirty items on return of the equipment.
–  If the Company deems it necessary a refundable Bond will be required on the hire of certain items. The Customer agrees this Bond will be forfeited should there be any damaged, non returned items or excessive cleaning required.
–  All Hire Equipment supplied will remain the property of the Company
–  The Customer will be responsible for the Equipment for the duration of the hire period
–  The Customer is to maintain the Equipment in good condition
–  The Customer is to maintain the Equipment in good working order
–  The Company makes no representation as to the suitability of the Equipment for a particular need or purpose- this remains the responsibility of the Customer
–  DIY orders, will be transported and stored by the Customer under protection from the weather. Any damage caused by the weather where the Customer was negligent will result in the replacement value of the item being charged to the Customer
–  The Customer will return all Equipment when it is due back. A continuing hire fee for all Equipment not returned to the Company when it is due back will be charged to the Customer. No refunds will be given for equipment returned prior to agreed return date.
–  All hires are based on a 2 day hire period which is the Use Date specified on the booking agreement or as agreed with management. The customer will accurately specify this date at the time of booking. If the equipment is required for more than one Use Date this will need to be specified at the time of booking otherwise the equipment will be made available to the Company for collection the day following the Use Date or the next business day whichever the Company chooses.
–  To the full extent permitted by law the Customer releases, discharges and indemnifies the Company from all claims and demands on the Company arising out of or consequent on the use or misuse of the Hire Equipment during the hire period.
–  The Company will not be liable for any loss or damages arising out of the overloading, exceeding rated capacity, misuse or abuse of the Hire Equipment by the Customer
–  The Company may agree to make equipment delivery and collection arrangements to and from the Customer’s site and the Customer will pay to the Company any charges and expenses incurred in such delivery, installation and/or collection.
–  The Company will use its best endeavours to deliver the equipment by the agreed time but will not be liable to the Customer for a late delivery, non-delivery or any associated loss or damage due to a late or non-delivery due to an event or circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Company, including but not limited to Acts of God, War, Rain, Hail, Wind, Fire, Explosion or motor vehicle accidents.
–  Waiting time will be charged should the Company not be able to deliver, install or access the site at the agreed time. Waiting time is charged at $55 per hour per staff member on site.
–  Delivery- if delivery is attempted at an agreed time and the Company is unable to safely deliver the equipment an additional delivery fee will be charged to reattempt delivery at a later agreed time
–  Pickup- if access to the equipment is not available on the agreed pickup date an additional pickup fee will be charged to reattempt pickup at a later agreed time.
–  Delivery and pickup dates are generally agreed to be Friday and Monday unless otherwise agreed. Should the Customer need items delivered or picked up on a Saturday or Sunday an additional fee will be payable.
–  Delivery and pickup dates are generally agreed to be Friday and Monday. Should the Company elect to deliver or pickup the equipment on a Saturday or Sunday due to scheduling the Customer agrees they will make the equipment available for the Company.
Where there is an act, event or circumstance (Force Majeure) beyond the reasonable control of a party, that party may terminate this Contract Agreement and the parties agree to collaborate together to reach a mutually beneficial arrangement to restore each party’s reasonable interests with regard to the hire.
–  The Customer is responsible for any approvals required for the installation of Hire Equipment
–  The Customer is responsible for clearing the site and ensuring it is ready for the installation of Hire Equipment
–  The site must have a suitably firm foundation which the Hire Equipment is to be installed on to avoid subsidence
–  The Company reserves the right not to install Hire Equipment that may be damaged or cause harm due to the site conditions
–  The Customer is responsible for ensuring the surface provided for the installation is penetrable by pegs up to 1.2m long and that no rock or underground services will be encountered. Should this not be the case the Company reserves the right to not install the Hire Equipment.
–  The Customer is responsible for providing a sealed access road to the site for vehicles. If no sealed access road is provided the Company reserves the right to not install the equipment.
–  Prices quoted for delivery and pickup are on street level access. Additional charges will apply for delivery or pickup to higher or lower levels.
–  Prices for delivery and pickup assume close access to site (within 5-10m of delivery vehicle’ final position). Should the distance be greater than this an additional labour fee will apply
–  While the Hire Equipment is in the Customers care it remains the sole responsibility of the Customer. If the Hire Equipment is installed in a public space, security is required overnight
–  The Customer must pay for the damage or loss of any Hire Equipment under the following circumstances:
(i)  Equipment is lost or stolen
(ii) If damage to the Hire Equipment is deemed more than normal wear and tear
(iii) Where damage is caused by negligence or vandalism
(iv) Equipment is damaged or broken
–  The Customer must pay the current replacement value cost
–  The Customer agrees to protect all hire items (excluding marquees & flooring) from the elements, including but not limited to, rain, hail and high winds. In addition the Customer agrees to keep the items secure from the time of pickup, delivery, use, storage or waiting period before collection or return of the hire items by the Company.
–  All outside events must have enough cover in close proximity (no more than 10 metres) from where the hire items are displayed in case of bad weather. The shelter must have room for all hire items should it be required
All Hire Equipment is to be returned clean by the Customer. Cleaning instructions will be sent to the Customer prior to the hire period. If these are not adhered to cleaning fees will be applicable
Where applicable the Customer will be charged in accordance with the current Federal and State legislation
‘The Company’ means BW Events Hire, Catering, Services ABN: 92 772 760
‘The Customer’ means the person or persons Company to whom the Tax Invoice is addressed
‘Hire Equipment’ means the items hired by the Customer from the Company.